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Charter of Organization and Operation


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Organization and Operation of Management Training Institute.

(issued and attached to Decision No. 839/QĐ-BKHCN  dated May 19, 2009 of the Ministry of Science and Technology)

Chapter I


Article 1. Status and functions

1. The Management Training Institute (hereinafter referred to as MTI) is a scientific and technological organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology. It assists the Minister in the implementation of training programs aimed at enhancing professional capacity in the fields of Science and Technology.

2. The institution has an English equivalent of MOST Management Training Institute which is abbreviated as MTI.

3.  The Institute is legitimate with its own seal and provided with an account at the State Bank of Vietnam to operate and perform transactions under the Law.

Article 2. Tasks and Powers

1. Providing training, professional capacity enhancement and certificate issuance as assigned in the fields of Science and Technology including: Scientific & Technological activities, development of scientific potentials, intellectual property; standards of quality assessment, atomic energy, nuclear and radiation safety and other tasks as assigned by the Minister;

2. Conducting scientific research to facilitate the training, professional capacity enhancement, consulting and management of Science & Technology;

3. Organizing the compilation of professional training materials and reference documentation as appropriately assigned;

4. Conducting signing and contracts of training, professional capacity enhancement, research and consultancy in terms of Science & Technology and other service contracts as well;

5. Coordinating to train post-graduates and other grades as prescribed by Law;

6. Organizing conferences, seminars, and associating and co-operating with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to conduct consulting and training service activities as appropriately assigned;

7. Implementing international co-operation activities as prescribed by Law;

8. Managing and organizing staff, finances, and documents of MTI according to the Ministry’s rights and existing regulations;

9. Implementing other tasks assigned by the Minister.

Chapter II


Article 3. The Management Training Institute is organized and operated based on the Director’s leadership which is in line with staff’s discussion.

The Director of the Management Training Institute is nominated and dismissed by the Minister of Science and Technology and fully responsible for all activities of MTI.

Deputy Directors of the Management Training Institute are in charge of supporting the Director with the management of MTI’s activities, making discussions within their assigned tasks. At the same time, they are also completely responsible to the Director for their work. Deputy Directors are nominated and dismissed by the Minister of Science and Technology on the basic of the Director’s appointment.

In case the Director is on business, one Deputy Director; on behalf of the Director, is in charge of management and administration of MTI’s operation.

Article 4. Organizational Structure

1. Office of Administration;

2. Department for training and international co-operation;

3. Department of scientific management

4.Department of Technology management;

5. Department of Science & Technology Potentials;

6. Center for Training & Consulting services;

7.  Center for Science & Technology Workshop in Do Son;

8. Representative Unit in Ho Chi Minh City.

While pursuant to MTI’s functions, tasks and powers, the Director of MTI specifies functions, tasks, powers, organizational structure and operation of agencies under the Management Training Institute.

The Director has the right to appoint and dismiss leaders and deputies of agencies under the Management Training Institute according to regulations on staff management level of the Ministry.

Article 5. MTI’s Human resources

1. Public servants, officials;

2. Staff working under labor contracts;

3. Multi-task staff, collaborators, observers and experts

Article 6. The Institute is permitted to establish a training and scientific council in order to consult the Director to perform its functions and tasks.

Chapter III


Article 7. Financial management mechanisms

1. MTI’s financial management mechanisms are applied to public scientific and technological organizations, operating under the autonomy regime and self-responsibility as regulated at Decree No. 115/2005/NĐ-CP dated September 05, 2005 of the Government and other relevant regulations.

2. MTI’s budget for all activities is originated from the following sources:

a) State budget;

b) Contracts of training, professional capacity enhancement, services, and consultancy;

c) Activities of joint-venture and co-operation;

d) Donations from domestic and foreign individuals and organizations;

e) Other revenues

3. MTI’s expenses include:

a) Expenses for regular tasks (training, professional capacity enhancement, scientific research);

b) Expenses for building MTI’s facilities;

c) Expenses for activities of consulting, training and researching based on signed contracts;

d) Expenses for hiring workers;

e) Expenses for performing joint-venture and co-operation activities;

f) Other expenses.

Article 8. The Director of MTI is responsible for effective management and use of financial sources. He or she is also obligated to pay the State budget as well as raise funds and implement accounting and financial activities as prescribed by Law.

Chapter IV


Article 9. MTI performs working regime and relations with Units under the Ministry of Science and Technology according to the Ministry’s working regulations and other rules issued by the Minister.

Article 10. The Institute co-operates with Departments of Science and Technology of Provinces, centrally – controlled municipalities, and functional units of the Ministries and Branches to organize the training and capacity enhancement for staff, public servants, and officials of Science and Technology under the control of local Ministries and Branches

Article 11. The Institute co-operates with State management agencies and other agencies specializing in training staff as well as public servants and officials as prescribed by Law.

Chapter V


Article12. The Director of Management Training Institute cooperates with Head of Ministry’s Personnel Department to carry out this charter.

Article 13. Any amendment or supplementation of this charter will be conducted by the Director in accordance with Head of Ministry’s Personnel Department and then submitted to the Minister of Science and Technology for consideration and approval.



(Signed and sealed)

Nguyen Quan


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