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Function and Missions

The Management Training Institute (hereinafter referred to as MTI) is a scientific and technological organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology. It assists the Minister in implementing training programs aimed at enhancing professional capacity in the fields of Science and Technology management.

According to Decision 839/QĐ-BKHCN dated May 19th , 2009 and the Charter on Organization and Operation of the Management Training Institute approved by the Minister of Science and Technology, MTI works in:

1. Providing training, professional capacity enhancement and certificate issuance as assigned in the fields of Science and Technology management. These include: Scientific & Technological management activities, development of scientific potentials, intellectual property; standards of quality assessment, atomic energy, nuclear and radiation safety and other tasks as assigned by the Minister;

2. Conducting scientific research to facilitate the training, capacity enhancement, consulting and management of Science & Technology;

3. Organizing the compilation of professional training materials and reference documentation as appropriately assigned;

4. Conducting and signing contracts of training, capacity enhancement, research and consulting in terms of Science & Technology management and other service contracts as well;

5. Coordinating to train post-graduates and other grades as prescribed by Law;

6. Organizing conferences, seminars, and associating and co-operating with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to conduct consulting and training activities as appropriately assigned;

7. Implementing international co-operation activities as prescribed by Law;

8. Managing and organizing staff, finances, and documents of MTI according to the Ministry’s rights and existing regulations;

9. Implementing other tasks assigned by the Minister.

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